Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa. Historically, Venice has always been the heart of the city where the most important families own palazzos for grand parties and important guests. These families all owned country homes across the land outside Venice. One of them was the majestic Villa Persico Guarnieri, where Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa now sits in the heart of Treviso about 45 km from the city of Venice. This contemporary country hotel, housed in an 1800s architecture villa with barns and a new building designed by architect Tobia Scarpa, perfectly integrates in the countryside's relaxing green environment. Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa serves local Venetian cuisine with a grand selection of fine wines at its La Vigna Restaurant and offers a relaxing experience in the wellness center of its Country Spa. An ideal location for special events and escape from the big city for immense relaxation in the country air! Live like a local Venetian and take a break in the country...