Venice is certainly fascinating, but Hotel Villa Barbarich is truly an incredible place!

Hidden in Mestre on the mainland of Venice, you will find a historic, and above all, romantic villa. From the outside, it looks almost like a Downtown Manor, but once you enter you will realize that there is another story... Delicate and romantic interior decorations that will conquer every romantic at heart, the experience is like falling in love continuously. Just open the windows of your room to forget all the problems and worries of everyday life, thanks to a landscape surrounded by greenery, the chirping of birds, and that fresh wind that brushes your hair.

When it's time to eat, the Ristorante Malipiero will excite your palate. And if you want to have a birthday party or just spend a thoughtless evening, the restaurant turns into a bar to give you a magical night. The walls of the dining room are all adorned with wonderful frescoes that tell stories about the past. It is really impossible not to appreciate the beauty of this art! But besides the artistic interior of the restaurant, the culinary art will also not disappoint. The dishes of Ristorante Malipiero are impeccably created, fresh and really delicious! There is all the taste and flavor of Venice you would want, thanks to the premium and seasonal ingredients, and above all thanks to the chef's incredible ability to create works of art to eat. Life should be like this!

During beautiful days you can enjoy a walk among the magnificent gardens of the villa, or take a dip in the large swimming pool and relax a little! It is the perfect place to organize events or your wedding reception, what could be more romantic? No need to add anything else, your heart will have already been captured by these words!

As a member of the prestigious HPH Group, Hotel Villa Barbarich is ready to give you moments of pure Venetian romance. Live like a local with style!                                                                                  Winter closure: January 07, 2020- February 29, 2020.                                                                          

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