There is nothing more authentically Venetian than to wear a tabarro with a tricorn hat.  
What is a tabarro? It is essentially a magnificent cloak with a great history principally made of wool, warm enough to protect you from the cold. At Tabarro San Marco, not only will you find traditional Venetian tabarri and hats, but you will also find contemporary interpretations of this historical part of Venice. Only the best high-quality sartorial hands can craft these pieces of art - Monica Daniele's workshop is inspired and kept alive by Venetian tradition. And if you are lucky, you will find the 121st Doge Albert Gardin in this artisanal shop who is full of history and charm!  
You must not miss this experience and surely will find the perfect tabarro for you! 

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  • Wonderful!

    November 2018

    We were lucky to have met the 121st Doge Albert Gardin in the shop! The beautifully handmade tabarro, selection of Venetian traditional hats and meeting with the Doge himself was really an authentic Venetian experience. Wearing my new tabarro will remind me of this unique encounter.