Have you ever entered a butcher shop and ordered Murano glass jewellery? Sound like a strange question? So let us explain... A great artist, Cosima Montavoci, decided to give life to a unique project that explores the world of glass in an extraordinary manner! The expression of this art is Sunset Yogurt, named for the colour and consistency of melted glass. You may be wondering what the butcher shop has to do with all of this. It's pretty great... Cosima's creative vision and unconventional style led her to find THE perfect location. The old butcher shop was the ideal space for Sunset Yogurt as an atelier, and brilliantly, Cosima decided to leave some of its elements unchanged inside. You will find, for example, the meat hooks which now display beautiful necklaces and even the original freezer door. A very cool experience! Luckily for us, after several years in Amsterdam where she took part in several exhibitions and continued to perfect her trade, Cosima was not satisfied with the status quo and returned to her beautiful city of Venice where she first encountered Murano glass at a young age. It's a long story but let's just say as punishment, her father sent her to hard labor to work in the Murano glass furnaces. So returning to Venice, Cosima seeked something unique and unconventional to represent her equally original and curious art. And what's better than an old butcher shop! If you think that the atelier is fantastic, just wait until you see her collection! The artistic research of this artist is incredible at all levels with the "Thingness" collection, where body parts are reproduced in Murano glass with each unique piece handmade by the artistic style of Cosima. Her jewels captures the essence of the raw material and the art of the body part. Most likely, thanks to her father, who is a doctor, Cosima has a deep interest in the human body. A popular statement piece that we love is the "Boobies" that is feminine and intimate at the same time. Wearing the "Boobies" made by Cosima is like wearing “being a woman” with pride!! If it's not the Boobies pieces, then it can be a small eye as a ring or a tooth as an earring. You just have to choose your favourite! So, if you want to get to know Cosima and her art, and if you want to let yourself be carried away by her unconventional journey where glass meets art that is contemporary and enveloping, then you should definitely check out Sunset Yogurt! But be advised, this is an atelier not just any shop, so make sure you get an appointment before you go there and enjoy the company of this incredible artist!! Sunset Yogurt is also an online atelier at, so you have no excuse. Your journey to the new frontiers of contemporary yet edgy (and fun!) glass jewelry and making a statement can begin right now!!!

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