Rio Terà dei Pensieri (RTdP) is a non-profit social cooperative that offers a second chance to inmates of the Venetian prison system, promoting the vision of a more collaborative society, fair, and careful to diversity. "Every one of our products is special since it contains the story of the hands that created it, made of a painful past, a hard-working present, and someone waiting for a better future."  

Mark Bradford is an American artist famous for abstract paintings and collage works. While representing the United States of America at the 57th Venice Biennale of Art, he met with the RTdP team. Inspired by the personal stories and projects by the RTdP team, Bradford immersed himself in the organization and decided to make a difference. He started a 6-year collaboration with RTdP called Process Collettivo. The first expression of Process Collettivo is a shop opened to the public in 2017 to sell handcrafted objects and other products, created by men (ie, backpacks, printed t-shirts, etc.) and women (ie, natural cosmetics, soaps and perfumes for rooms, etc.) of the Venice prison using only recyclable or recycled materials. The products are designed by artists and one of a kind! Support the Process Collettivo project and make a difference. 


Member Benefits

  • a complimentary 30ml bottle of a cosmetic product
  • alternatively, with a purchase of at least €70, a complimentary beauty case valued at €15




  • 很让人意外

    November 2018

    找了半天终于到了这家特殊的店面,如果没有看介绍,很难想象是囚犯做出的这些东西。感谢店主的热情介绍,还赠送了礼品。购买自己喜欢的物品同时还觉得自己做了一件特别有意义的事情~~~so nice feeling~

  • A wonderful project

    October 2018

    Lovely quality gifts for a good cause