Since its foundation, OMEGA has always had a story to tell. Wearing an OMEGA watch is not only a sign of refined quality, but it's also living the experience of a company that has always been the top level in the watchmaking modern marketplace. From the launch of the first wristwatch to the moon landing, passing through the Olympics and sporting events, OMEGA was alongside those who signed history with their feats. That's what the company wants to tell, his attention to details and the style so that when wearing an OMEGA watch you will feel part of a concept stronger than simple utility, comfort, and style! You will live a 360° experience. 


The OMEGA experience is not only watches. In Venice, you will be enveloped by the elegant fragrances of its perfumes, fashion bags, and the best jewelry that only the best places can offer. In the shop, you will also find sunglasses and accessories of all kinds to experience the city like a true Venetian.