When tradition, energy, passion and family are mixed, the result can only be extraordinary. This is the recipe that makes Massimiliano Schiavon's art perfect, a craftsman, but at the same time a true avant-garde of the processing of Murano glass.

His work is the result of the commitment of six generations who have invested their time, their creativity and their extreme professionalism in this great art.

Get ready to turn your ideas upside-down and change the image you have in mind when you think of Murano glass, because here at Massimiliano's atelier you will find an explosion of contemporaneity, colours and imagination that will leave you speechless.

You will have the opportunity to delve into the beauties that this artist is able to achieve thanks to the help of great masters in glass who work with him every day with passion. You will be able to see the fascinating and magical colours that glass assumes when mixed with fire in the large furnace that makes this place unique.

Here at Massimiliano Schiavon you will discover an art that blends the tradition of the great masters of glass with the most contemporary creativity just as glass blends with its colours creating shows that are unique in the world. Everything that is made has a priceless value because it is unique in its kind and created without using moulds, therefore it is a work of art that cannot be replicated in the exact same way.

If you also dream of something extremely unique and precious that no one else will ever have, Massimiliano Schiavon's atelier is definitely the place you were looking for, but you didn't know you had found before we discovered it for you! What are you waiting for?

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