In 2018, the image of Gucci's autumn and winter collection created lively and even eccentric characters. Would you have guessed that the characters created were actually from painters and antique collectors? Alessandro Michele started as the head designer of Gucci in 2015. He combines many classical elements into the expression of modern art and is followed by the biggest trendsetters. Alessandro also announced that he will stop using animal skins, which is great news for an environmentalist! If you don't have a piece of work by Alessandro Michele in your closet, then go to the Gucci boutique and pick it up! 
But before you go, do you really know the Gucci story and how they started? Very, very interesting story... Guccio Gucci (yes, that is his name) started as an immigrant hotel worker first in Paris and then in London and was impressed by the luxurious luggage the guests had brought to the luxurious Savoy Hotel. Before returning to his hometown of Florence, he visited the luggage manufacturer. Florence is known for high-quality materials and skilled artisans and in 1920, Gucci opened a fine leather goods shop that mainly focused on finely crafted leather goods such as handbags, shoes, and Gucci's iconic loafers. With the help of his three sons, they expanded to Milan, Rome, and additional shops around Florence. During the Second World War, due to the shortage of goods, Gucci decided to make bags out of cotton canvas and embellished them with its now signature double G with red and green stripes. In 1953, sons Aldo and Rodolfo opened an office in New York City and together with film stars and grand travelers of the time, who brought their glamour to Florence, Gucci became an international status symbol...and the rest is history. Thank you Guccio Gucci.