How do you define art? Is it only a famous painting hanging on the wall? Sculptures displayed in the museum? Or is it a famous work in an art gallery? If you choose a piece of art to wear instead, what kind of style design do you think can reflect your taste? Come to FREYWILLE to find it!  

Founded in 1951 by artist Michaela Frey in Vienna, the original production focused on enamel decorations, which have now evolved into jewelry design and into the public eye. The birth of each piece of jewelry contains the passion and creativity of the artist, who integrates knowledge and creativity into every stage of production. From these colorful decorations, you can see the enthusiasm of the artist in every piece.  

The combination of colorful art craftsmanship and jewelry design interprets the beauty of art in a new attitude. This jewelry is more like a piece of art than jewelry. Come here to pick a piece to take home!