In Emilio Ceccato is the outcome of Made in Italy and the gondolier tradition. Located at the barefoot of Rialto Bridge, the historic shop is open since 1902 and in all this time it became a very important shop for gondolier clothes and nowadays it is still their official supplier. Once Entering, you will live the historical part of Venice and you will be fascinated by the magic of this job and every clothes will always narrate something new. Tradition commits to style perfectly and in this way, you can live as a real Venetian. You may like the place so much that you might try to take the place of a gondolier! 

Emilio Ceccato offers a simple yet traditional selection of one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Don't miss the opportunity to be part of Venice! Emilio Ceccato's shops are also in Sestieri San Marco and Cannaregio.