Did you know that the island of Burano is connected to another island in the Venetian lagoon only by a bridge? Already, a bridge separates Burano from Mazzorbo, and it is between vegetable gardens and vineyards of this small paradise that in the shadow of a characteristic bell tower hides one of the Venetian jewels, the Venissa. This is not a touristy place, but rather a corner of peace and tranquility, where you can enjoy an almost unusual Venice. 

Venissa is not only a way to get away from the hectic and super touristy life of Venice, Venissa is also a culinary experience that concentrates on the art of fishing in the lagoon. A tradition handed down from generation to generation, the genuineness of the vegetables grown in the "gardens sauces” from nine elders coming from the island and the peculiarity of the lagoon herbs that enrich their dishes. It will make you live this emotion made of unique flavors thanks to the starred restaurant and the contemporary Osteria that will turn into a traditional cicchetteria, try it if you want to relax in front of a glass of wine in a Venetian evening! Here, among the vineyards of this island, the origins date back to 2500 years ago and you can taste one of the most unique wines in the world. Produced from the native grape, the Dorona of Venice, you can taste the red Venissa, an intense red wine with Venetian heart. Finally, if you want to spend more time in this corner of paradise, you can choose to stop at the Wine Resort, surrounded by greenery and the evocative atmosphere of the lagoon. The rooms were built right inside the vineyard, right next to the Restaurant and the Osteria Contemporanea.

This is an experience that you absolutely must not miss because it will leave an unforgettable mark that you will remember for the rest of your life.