A unique and iconic meeting point for centuries and even today! Right in front of the artists’ entrance of the well-known and well-loved opera house Teatro La Fenice, you will find the famous Taverna La Fenice! It was and still is THE place to be for artists and theater lovers for a meal, drink or sensational conversation. During its 200 year history, Taverna La Fenice hosted some of the most famous names in art and music in the world, living in perfect symbiosis with its neighbor Teatro La Fenice. Nowadays, at first glance you may think it’s just another traditional Venetian restaurant, but take a closer look. With its vintage leather armchairs, plush red velvet lounge chairs, wild animal print chairs and its iconic outdoor “Chic Bar” with a graffiti drawing of the jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, Taverna La Fenice is a unique and very cool place full of personality.

In fact, this hot spot is totally versatile where you can start your day with a hearty breakfast, pop by for an afternoon tea and delectable sweet pastry, enjoy a fabulous dinner or hang out till the early hours for fresh cocktails with friends! The food is also very versatile; you will experience traditional fine dining that is at the same time modern, local and fresh. With a seasonal menù that changes six times a year, you will never get bored of the innovative and fresh dishes here. There is even a selection of vegan dishes which is not easy to find in Venice!

Now let's talk about the drinks here... At the Chic Bar, the cocktails are out of this world! You must get to know the brilliant barman Gennaro Florio. Mostly known as a mixologist for his amazing recipes, perhaps you will recognize him from the film 007 Casinò Royale where he played the barman for Daniel Craig! You definitely must try one of his special signature drinks that is paired with exquisite small bites.

Hanging out at the Taverna La Fenice, you will experience and understand why it is frequented by famous statesmen, film stars and atheletes and so loved by people like Pirandello, Strauss, Morricone, Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Mastroianni and many more! It's really just one of the coolest places to hang out in Venice. And after a good meal and a few drinks, you may even learn a few secrets from all the celebrities this place has seen! Taverna La Fenice is THE place to be for good food, great drinks and tantalizing stories!

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