Can the authenticity of Venetian flavors be found only in Venice? The answer is no!

Part of the prestigious HPH Group, Hotel Villa Barbarich, located in Mestre on the mainland of Venice, has an incredible restaurant from a culinary point of view and beyond. At gorgeous Ristorante Malipiero, the walls are decorated with wonderful frescoes that seem more like you are entering a museum. The Venetian cuisine here is a unique experience for your five senses.

The typical Venetian cuisine focuses on seafood, but Ristorante Malipiero is not limited to just the local Venetian dishes. In fact, these Venetian specialties are listed among an incredibly large and sophisticated seafood menu! In the dishes, you will savor the imagination and creativity of the chef.

Even if you are not a guest at Hotel Villa Barbarich, Ristorante Malipiero will always open its doors to you!

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