“Coffee as an expression of Venetian civilization” is the lifestyle for almost all of Venetians. Grancaffè Quadri was first opened in 1638 with the name Il Rimedio (The Remedy), due to the fact that it served Malvasia wine, commonly believed to enliven both the body and spirit.  

A few years later, on May 28, 1775, Giorgio Quadri, arrived in Venice from Corfu together with his wife Naxina. It was Naxina who suggested that they invest in a place that served “hot black water”. Then Il Rimedio began serving Turkish coffee.  

In 1830, Caffè Quadri was in the Vaerini brothers’ hands, who restored the café and added a restaurant upstairs, Ristorante Quadri. With the arrival of the Alajmo family in 2011, then it became the place we know today. Guests can not only enjoy the café for its history, but also for its superior selection of coffee drinks and cocktails!