If you are a foodie and an art lover, you will love Ai Gondolieri Restaurant! Just around the corner from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum, Ai Gondolieri Restaurant has always had a symbiotic relationship with the museum. That's why you will find an eclectic collection of black-and-white photography in each room of the restaurant. And if you're lucky, you may find yourself sitting next to some famous artist or celebrities that are in town to visit the Guggenheim Collection. In fact, this is where they usually hang out and relax enjoying local Venetian cuisine! Ai Gondolieri was born as a trusted place for Venetian gondoliers to have lunch or dinner and it's still very popular among locals. If you ask either of them for advice on where to eat in the area, they'll definitely send you here! Through the years, this restaurant focused on giving the highest standard of service to its customers. You will find nothing short than impeccable service from the staff, worthy of all the best restaurants. Top service, amazing food, surrounded by art, what else can you ask for? In the beautiful Dorsoduro district, let yourself be surprised by the skills and ability of the Ai Gondolieri chefs to serve you the best quality of Italian cuisine. They specialize in meat dishes and do not serve fish, a quite unexpected and distinctive trait for a Venetian restaurant. Basically, this place is a temple for meat lovers and is one of the last guardians of fine meat recipes of the Venetian tradition! And of course to accompany these fine dishes, you will find a great selection of fine wines from their cellar. We're ready to bet that the Ai Gondolieri Restaurant will be one of the most fantastic memories of your stay in Venice!

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