You have found one of the newest and coolest urban chic lounge bars in Venice! Hidden in the quiet Cannaregio area frequented by locals, The Voga Bar sits next to the Grand Hotel dei Dogi, part of The Dedica Anthology group, along the beautiful, tranquil canal. You will love the juxtaposition of a historical Venetian 16th century palace with a magnificent secret garden and a very cool contemporary lounge bar!

The name La Voga refers to Venetian rowing, one of the most deeply rooted Venetian traditions in the history of the city. It is the sport par excellence that animated and still animates the Venetian canals. But that's not all because this name also makes you think of a "vogue" atmosphere, strongly fashionable.

The interior contemporary design bears the signature of the great architect Patrizia Quartero who with her refined taste and attention to detail has been able to recreate an exclusive environment taking inspiration from the colors of the lagoon and tradition of the gondola craftsmanship, starting from the blue velvet armchairs, green leather armchairs, black wood polished details to the Canaletto wooden tables. This is a very cool space not to be missed by you Instagram lovers!

This is the ideal chic location to hang out and enjoy a true pleasure not only for the eyes but also for the palate, where you can savour one of the best cocktails in all of Venice and be charmed with endless stories and conversations with the amazing and super professional bartenders and mixologists.

La Voga Bar is not to be missed!

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