How beautiful is Venice? Walking between the streets and getting lost among its beauty... But have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Venice from above? Well, there is someone who has the answer to this question and its name is Fly Venice! Fly Venice was born from a deep passion for flying and for the desire to see things from another perspective! With Fly Venice, you can experience something exciting and at the same time extremely fascinating!

In fact, you will be able to enjoy all the beauty of Venice, its shapes and colors on board of a helicopter! You will have the opportunity to choose the tour that's right for you and choose if you just want a taste of the city from above or a panoramic view of the entire lagoon. Fly Venice offers one of the most beautiful experiences to do at least once in your life and you can't miss it for anything in the world !!!

Take a look at the "More information" section, you will find the Fly Venice brochure to find out about your tour fare and more information!  

Member Benefits

You can book different tours with the respective benefits reserved for GENIUS CARD Lifestyle members only:


  • Certificate and a complimentary photo with the pilot upon request


Taste of Prosecco:

  • Complimentary bottle of Prosecco
  • Complimentary photo in the restaurant or the area upon request


Amarone Experience:

  • Complimentary bottle of Amarone
  • Certificate and a complimentary photo with the pilot upon request

Dolomite Tour:

  • Complimentary photo in the mountains upon request