If you are looking for the best mask making workshop in the world, you have come to the right place! Ca' Macana is one of the oldest and finest mask workshops in Venice with over 30 years of expertise. Not only do they make original and traditional masks for carnival, theatre, and movie production, but they also offer mask making classes and practical workshops explaining the history of Venetian masks and mask-making techniques. These courses are extremely popular because on top of providing the most important theoretical and practical knowledge of mask making, you will have creative freedom to create the mask of your dreams! 
Did you know that Venetians have been making masks by hand for 800 years? Ca' Macana combines sculpture, painting, inkjet, and many other crafts re-interpreting the mask making tradition in innovative ways and creating new decorative styles and unique shapes. It is not just a mask but beautiful artwork. Everything of the mask is handmade even the papier-mâché! 
Ca' Macana has been making masks since 1984 when the Venice Carnival started to make a comeback after two centuries of decline. Through maintaining the tradition of mask making and combining it with new innovation, Ca' Macana is the top mask making shop with all the history and craftsmanship involved even being commissioned to international film and theatre productions like the final Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut and the Vienna Opera Haus! If you are looking for the best quality and authentic Venetian masks, Ca' Macana is the shop for you!  Do you want to make a wonderful mask by yourself? Ask for more info at the shop, enjoy!