Did you know that there is a beautiful private airport hidden on the lovely island of Lido? Built in the 1930s and still perfectly preserved in its glamorous architecture, Nicelli Airport is a secret treasure that even many locals don't know about. Due to its unique position and with a runway covered with beautifully manicured grass, this airport is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. If you've seen Venice by foot and sea, then you must also experience it by air! 

Its historic building, used as an airport terminal now, dates back more than 80 years! Incredible right? This is not just a simple private airport on Lido island, it is a fantastic complete experience where you can learn about the history of this Art Deco airport, have a drink at its bar, enjoy the authentic and fresh seafood Venetian cuisine at the Fly Restaurant and relax after a plane ride or a scenic tour by helicopter. Yes, you read it right! You can find panoramic helicopter flights with Fly Venice to enjoy Venice from the sky or use it as a transfer service. With Nicelli Airport's large garden and outdoor terraces, it is also the ideal location for private parties and events, corporate meetings and conferences, art exhibitions, photo shoots as well as a perfect film location!  

You can experience all this at Nicelli Airport! What are you waiting for? It will be an unforgettable experience! 

Member Benefits

  • Complimentary 10-minute tour about the history of Nicelli Airport.
  • 10% off private and Nicelli events. For specific events, contact Nicelli Airport directly at [email protected]