Defining Palazzo Naiadi - The Dedica Anthology simply as a hotel is an understatement. Palazzo Naiadi is a majestic hotel with a rich history, contemporary touch and all the modern comforts for today’s travelers. The first five-star hotel in Rome, Palazzo Naiadi just oozes luxury.

Rome is known as the "eternal city" because it embodies the identity of people, cultures, stories and monuments that make this city impossible to forget. Palazzo Naiadi is part of this identity and once in front of the majesty of the historic building that houses it, it is not difficult to imagine why. It is truly a museum with priceless works of art.

The Palazzo Naiadi building consists of two parts – the first is the one designed in 1887 by the Italian architect Gaetano Koch whose shape resembles half of a moon, while the second is the one that Pope Clement IV decided to have it built in 1705. It is a neoclassical structure situated in the Piazza della Repubblica and enriched by the beauty of the Naiadi fountain and the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli which constitute one of the most beautiful landscapes of Rome.

 If you are still not convinced to stay in this magical place, get ready to discover something that will really leave you speechless. A part of the building was built on the ancient Thermal Baths of Diocletian in 309 BC and remains suspended over it still today! Yes, that’s right, you will have the opportunity to walk on a glass floor and discover the beauty of these ancient ruins that give off years and years of history. Incredible isn't it?

Everything you find inside Palazzo Naiadi, including frescoes, mosaics and architectural elements that have remained unchanged, tells us about the Rome of once upon a time, but we are modern travelers and Palazzo Naiadi ensures we have all the comforts and modernity of the 21st century.  Whether you enjoy the spectacular view from the splendid Posh Terrace, experience chef Niko Sinisgalli's culinary art at the Tazio Restaurant, relax at the Fusion Spa or have a fantastic cocktail at the Lobby Bar, it will seem like you are living a Roman dream.

 For the ultimate “Roman Holiday”, Palazzo Naiadi is definitely the perfect place to start!

Member Benefits

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● Camera slippers

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