It is more like a comfortable home than a hotel. The medieval decoration style is elegant and luxurious, as if it was in the court. Although it was on the road, but returned to La Scelta di Goethe, but did not feel the alienation of home. Warm and comfortable room layout to maximize your body and mind. The top-notch butler service allows you to experience VIP treatment. Immersed in the ancient city of Rome, immersed in the meditation of history and culture, as if this is not particularly true.
Like the story behind La Scelta di Goethe, it is full of love and love for life. Here you can feel the warmth, hope and love of life, hoping to infect every guest who has stayed here.
Do you love life? Come here to light your love of life!
Here from Goethe's choice you can choose between three different options: book the whole building, Goethe's Home; book the Villa Medici suite, whose surface is 130 square meters and has a very large balcony; or last, but not least, the smaller suite, Trinita 'dei Monti, with a smaller area than the others, 60 square meters, but with a terrace of 50 square meters. Relax and total tranquility, really the perfect place! 

Member Benefits

  • A bottle of welcome champagne