It used to be a mansion owned by a member of the Borghese, a Roman family whose history dates back to the mid-16th century. Under the takeover of Princess Adelaide, the palace was a school for poor women, and the school was managed by a French nun. This move brought hope for a better future to those poor girls of the time. The building was eventually donated to the religious institution of Figlie delle Croce, and today they still are the owner of the palace.

Today's palace has been completely renewed and has become Hotel Vilòn. Although the interior decoration is very different, it still emanates the atmosphere of the royal court. The spacious and elegant rooms have different colors and decorations. The sculptures in the courtyard show the prosperity and power of the Borghese family at the time. Paintings that adapt to the themes of the various rooms, perfectly combined with the surrounding environment, is an expression of the care and philosophy of the designer, almost the goal is to guess the preferences of the guests...

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the scenic spots in the ancient Roman city and return to Hotel Vilòn for perfect service and a delicious dinner. It's an incredible experience!