Rome. The Eternal City. "Caput Mundi" (Capital of the World). Most of you think "an ancient city full of Roman ruins and history" when you think of Rome.. But tucked away in a narrow street in the vibrant and historic Regola District, you will discover a new world of glamour and grit in an industrial and urban space located in the heart of Rome. Hotel Chapter Roma is the brainchild of Marco Cilia whom with his worldly experience has brought a fresh lifestyle concept to Italy.

Classic and contemporary. Urban and industrial. Glamorous and raw. Chapter Roma is part of the Design Hotel collection with mid-century furniture from international designers and custom pieces produced by local Made in Italy craftsmen. Like an art gallery that you can find in Soho, London, contemporary and street art fill the open space creating a fusion of old world Roman architecture with a new world minimalist vibe. Local and international artists have contributed to giving birth to a new concept of stay where energy, creativity, and courage create an explosive mix. You will love the exposed brick, high-vaulted ceilings, graffiti art, industrial bar for a relaxing drink and organic Market for a bite to eat. It is the ideal hangout spot for both locals and internationals alike whether you live the skateboard lifestyle or are a global jetsetter.

Chapter Roma with its fresh and fearless style is the unique difference that sets it apart from any other boutique hotels in Italy. The air you breathe in this hotel is pure urban youth with a rawness and innovative style where graffiti, modern and contemporary art compete for the leading role. The rooms have been carefully designed with unique furniture pieces with bare walls to escape the busy city. You will not only find most rooms with a luxurious velvet sofa in this city retreat to kick back and relax, but you will also discover your own uber chic personal bar to fix a cocktail as you glamorously lounge while sipping your drink. And let's not forget the high-end design fixtures throughout the rooms and the Marshall bluetooth speakers. 

Enough about the space. Let’s talk about The Lobby Bar. The Lobby Bar in Chapter Roma will be your reference point, whether you like to drink or not, and do you know why? Because it is THE best place to meet interesting people from all over the world.

There's really nothing else to add to the Chapter Roma experience. If you are not convinced after reading all of this, then you may be looking for something else. Take it from us, Chapter Roma will give you the chicest experience in an urban setting for the modern travelers of today in Rome, so you can live like a local with style!

Member Benefits

  • Welcome drinks
  • 10% off on best room rate booking via email to [email protected] sending all the reservation details and using the promo code [email protected]
  • 10% off at the Chapter Roma The Lobby Bar
  • 10% off at the Chapter Roma Market (coming soon!)