Have you ever stopped to think what "travelling" means? The journey is first of all an experience that allows you to live small pieces of paradise never seen before. Second, it's an opportunity to meet new people. Third, it is the beauty of seeing some old friend that you haven't seen for too long. The uniqueness of traveling, however, is that you give the value to your own experience and no one else can choose it for you. For this reason, every detail is important and the choice of the place to stay is the first of these many details that cannot be overlooked. It is to all this that CasaCau has thought when creating a place where luxury was not something done and finished, but it was about the luxury of doing something you love, like traveling, but with style.

It is a 17th century building very close to the Trevi Fountain, where today there are six apartments that will really make you experience something unique that you will love. You will feel an integral part of the place within these walls, almost as if everything seemed so familiar, as if you knew already the true identity of this wonderful city.
This is an experience for those who really love the essence of things, for those who want to explore the ancient traditions, the most hidden alleys, the habits and customs of those who live Rome every day, this is an experience that only CasaCau can offer you.

Each apartment has its uniqueness both in terms of design and functionality, we can say that every part of this building has its own identity and once inside you will feel part of it and it will seem like you've always lived here. For vintage lovers, it is a real gem, in fact nothing's CasaCau missing - it has included some details that are a little retro to satisfy even the tastes of those who prefer a leap in the past more than one into the future. You will be free to rent the entire house or just one of its apartments according to your needs, but remember that whatever your choice will still be, it's still the right one. Moreover, thanks to the fully-equipped kitchens with all the materials and fresh ingredients carefully placed at your disposal, you can easily cook at home, or ask the two restaurants at Stazione di Posta and Eit to let you experience their tasting menus or cook directly in the kitchen of the your apartment!

CasaCau as you can see is not simply a beautiful building with wonderful apartments inside, CasaCau is a home for anyone who wants to rediscover the luxury of doing the things you love and living the best trip of your life!

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