Often when visiting a city, you realize that you don't have enough time to taste all the local delicacies the city has to offer. This happens especially in Italian cities, where the culinary tradition is among the oldest and most varied in the world. Wouldn't it be great to experience all the flavors of a city? In Rome, a fabulous place where you can find the perfect “taste of Rome” is the Tazio Restaurant inside the majestic Palazzo Naiadi luxury hotel where the chef is ready to leave you both speechless and full!!

This restaurant is one of the best in the Roman capital and is named after the famous Italian photographer Tazio Secchiaroli, who also inspired the director Federico Fellini for one of his most appreciated movies, "La Dolce Vita". Sitting at the table you are surrounded by black and white photography of paparazzi shots against wooden walls in a charming atmosphere as if you were in a Fellini film. Here you can taste dishes that will enchant you for their simplicity and perfection, and do not hesitate to ask the wait staff for wine recommendations. They will find the perfect pairing for you!

At Tazio Restaurant you will taste the works of art by Chef Niko Sinisgalli who reinvents traditional Italian cuisine into innovative and contemporary masterpieces. Everything he knows about the kitchen was taught by his grandmother and father with whom he learned to recognize fresh and quality products when he accompanied them to the market. (removed this--, after all good blood does not lie!) According to the chef, cooking is not just a matter of serving excellent dishes. It is the art of creating, attention to detail and the presentation of the dish. Also, the ambiance is just as important and should be enriched with flowers and music.

Thanks to Chef Niko Sinisgalli and his team, you will live a unique experience in which tradition blends with modernity, where creative, healthy and natural cuisine is the master, and everything is designed to enhance the taste and refinement of the dishes. So sit back comfortably and start leafing through the menu because the dish of the day will be the best you have ever tasted!

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