The icing on the cake of Hotel Chapter Roma is called Market and is one of the latest surprises of this incredible hotel. The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a cool and super young place, where everything is incredibly simple, but at the same time carefully studied. The interior design and the warm colours of the wood recreate a cozy and familiar atmosphere like that of a home, but at the same time this combination creates the perfect spot to meet a friend and spend your time in the best of ways. For this reason, you can't help but sit and enjoy this experience till the end.

Tasting the dishes of this multi-faceted place will be an incredible experience. It is impossible to define it with a single word, the Market in fact has a thousand facets, one more original than the other. Here in Rome there's no better place to enjoy a delicious salad if you fancy a light lunch before heading off to explore the city, or maybe have a coffee with a friend to start your day with the right charge, or even, if you are in a hurry, buy something to take away and enjoy it during your busy day.

The Market of the Hotel Chapter Rome has everything you need and is the perfect place at any time of the day and for any occasion! Cut out even just 5 minutes to have a coffee or drink a juice in this unique place, it will be one of the experiences that will make your stay in Rome truly incredible. 

The Market was born to give you something more than the usual bars, so you just have to come and have a look and discover the cool side of Rome!

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