A Michelin starred restaurant since 2009, Imàgo is located on the sixth floor of the Hassler Roma Hotel. From here you can see Rome in all its beauty. Many famous people have also been captivated by the panorama like Grace Kelly, Richard Nixon, and Audrey Hepburn to name just a few.

As soon as you enter you will notice that you are enveloped in elegance, with soft background music, and a warm staff that will make this experience special from the start. Admiring this beautiful painting with a good glass of wine is truly breathtaking! Chef Francesco Apreda boasts many international experiences in London and Tokyo where he trained professionally. At Imàgo his cuisine will accompany you through his experience, a fusion of Italian tradition with international influences he picked up along the way, a mix that is never banal or forced. A contemporary Italian cuisine giving you a unique experience, you will immediately understand that Imàgo is a combination of taste and sight for a full and amazing experience. Try it out!