If you are looking for the perfect spot for your selfies, the Posh Terrace of the majestic Palazzo Naiadi hotel is what you’re looking for! It is a unique and elegant terrace on the roof of the hotel and one of the very few terraces in Rome to have a rooftop swimming pool where you can relax in front of not only a breathtaking view but also with an exceptional cocktail. After all, you could not have expected otherwise from the The Dedica Anthology brand (I never mentioned The Dedica Anthology in any of my descriptions. Do we really need to?). Here you can taste the delicacies of Chef Niko Sinigalli under the shade, then cool off after lunch and relax in the solarium. An incredible experience difficult to replicate.

Just imagine an aperitif at sunset... What could be better than being with a loved one or your closest friends looking at the Opera house dome or the tip of San Pietro from the top of a terrace surrounded by an atmosphere of colors so intense that it remains forever in your memories? (Hint: very instagrammable!) Rome is certainly an enchanting city for its beauty, but if you choose the special and unique experiences, it will steal your heart and never let go!

The Posh Terrace of Palazzo Naiadi will make you fall in love so much that you’ll never want to leave Rome!

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