If you are a real tourist, you can not forget to go through the most famous fountain in the city, famous all over the world! The construction works of this beautiful fountain began in 1732 and in 2016 it was fully restored. But we are sure that you do not know it only because of its beauty, but above also because of the ritual you do when you are in this square. Exactly! Throwing the coin in the fountain and as soon as you arrive, you will notice that everyone is taking part in this tradition.

But perhaps not everyone knows that the launch will ensure your return to the eternal city. If instead, you are looking for the great love, perhaps of Italian nationality, then throw a second one. And if you're not happy with that, throw a third one, to make sure you get married early!
Another curiosity is that the coins collected are devolved to the maintenance of the fountain and also to associations that help the less fortunate.