Are you looking for a place to taste sweets in Milan? No need to rush to search, come to Cova Montenapoleone 1817! This flagship store in Milan was opened by Antonio Cova in 1817 and over time has become a meeting place between tradition and innovation, renowned for its excellent products, its impeccable service and an elegant location. If you come to Milan but don't take a cake at Cova Montenapoleone 1817, you will regret it for life! Because Cova is the symbol of Milan, it represents the Italian excellence of taste and the art of pastry making in every corner of the world.

Cova Montenapoleone 1817 is perfect for every moment of the day when you are looking for tasty relaxation. In fact you will also find coffee and tea, in order to spend a moment of complete relaxation during an afternoon of shopping and walking. There is also a restaurant for lunch where you can taste traditional Milanese and Mediterranean dishes to get to know this city in depth!

Cova Montenapoleone 1817 wanted to bring this delicious and elegant Italian style to the world, and so also opened branches in Monaco, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan and other places. However, if you want to try the original taste, what are you waiting for? Come in Milan Cova Montenapoleone 1817, you will not regret!