The building where the Milu Hotel is located has been a testament to Florentine history. The original owners were some of the nobles of Florence in the 1400s, and it was renamed Palazzo Altoviti-Sangalletti after the succession of Altoviti. In 1835, it was rebuilt by the famous artist-architect Giovan Battista Silvestri. Until now, it has maintained its original appearance. All the artwork in the hotel is carefully selected by the curatorial team. In the opening exhibition that was held, the works of artists such as Maya Gelfner, Galia Gur Ziv, and Carmel Ilan were exhibited on the walls. The exhibition space on the second floor will be changed according to a different theme of demand, including sculptures, paintings, video photography, and so on. Not only that but if you like, you can also purchase the artwork on display and treat them as your own! If you love art, you will love it here!