'Made in Italy’ has always been a guarantee of both quality and design when referring to the leather goods from the Tuscany region of Italy. Even Louis Vuitton bags are made by Italian Tuscan leather craftsmanship! How does this fine craftsmanship and technique work? What is the production process behind them? The answers to these questions are something that many people are very curious to find out. Pierotucci is a handmade leather goods company that was established in 1972 and since then always seek quality in their works. Today, they also aim to provide customers with an opportunity to understand the entire production process of leather goods with a behind-the-scenes experience.

Among the many services offered, you can also customize any of their products! Are you not 100% satisfied with the length of the leather strap of a bag? Do you want to find something that suits you better? Then it's up to you to choose! And remember it will not be a simple choice. It will be your personalized design because for Pierotucci, your idea is the most important and they will do everything to create it!

In this shop you can buy the best leather goods brands like BALLY, Furla, Post & Co, Gherardini, Campomaggi ... And if you can't go to the store, you can also order online. With an expense exceeding 275 euros, there will be no shipping costs, regardless of the country you are in.   In addition, you can also take advantage of the free DIY printing service for names or initials. Choose the best of Florence leather goods.

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