When you think about Montblanc, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Really nice pens for professionals, right? Not any more... Montblanc has evolved into a fantastic lifestyle brand for the modern man and woman of today! 
Montblanc pens were definitely the launching pad of this company from back in 1906 when a banker from Hamburg and an engineer from Berlin decided to produce simple pens. Shortly after, the business was taken over by another team that produced their first model in 1909. A year after, the Montblanc model was developed and thus giving the company its new name Montblanc! 
Montblanc pens continue to be the main luxury product, but did you know they also have an amazing collection of luxury watches, jewelry, fragrances, leather goods, eyewear, backpacks, and even a very cool set of luggage for today's needs? Yes! Montblanc is a brand that has continued to grow and to increase its range of luxury products, not only by keeping the interest alive and love of writing tools that could have seemed destined to disappear over time, but also to meet the needs of today's modern people.  
Let's face the truth, who doesn't desire a Montblanc pen? But at the same time, the Montblanc lifestyle brand has continued to expand itself, producing luxury watches, for example, Swiss made with the same meticulous care and attention, or even leather wallets and notebooks made only with the highest quality leather and thanks to the skill of expert craftsmanship. 
Now that it is clear who and what Montblanc is, it's curiosity time! Everyone recognizes its identifying symbol, the rounded white star, but do you know how it was born? It is said that it was born during a game of cards when a relative of the founders compared their pens to the Mont Blanc, the most imposing and magnificent peak in the Alps. The unmistakable white star, therefore, represents the summit of Mont Blanc covered by snow, and it is the symbol of this brand's commitment to always maintaining the highest level and quality of its products, never stopping and reach the summit in every way. 
If you only know Montblanc pens, then you have to climb the mountain to see what's on top! And you will discover a wonderful world of luxurious lifestyle products that will meet your everyday needs. Check out the stores and discover the very cool personalization and unique experiences!