‘Made in Italy’ has always been a guarantee of both quality and design when referring to the leather goods from the Tuscany region of Italy. Even Louis Vuitton bags are made by Italian Tuscan leather craftsmanship! How does this fine craftsmanship and technique work? What is the production process behind them? The answers to these questions are something that many people are very curious to find out.  

Pierotucci is a handmade leather goods company that was established in 1972 and since then has always sought after quality in their products. Today, they also aim to provide customers with an opportunity to understand the entire production process of leather goods with a behind-the-scenes experience. Precisely for this reason, thanks to the tour organized inside the Pierotucci Art Workshop, you can discover the secrets of this incredible brand. It will be a close encounter with the craftsmen who work the leather and give life to the products you love. You can experience all the passion handed down from generation to generation and learn about the processing techniques necessary to always maintain high quality. What are you waiting for? Book your guided tour at the Pierotucci Craft Workshop and discover the art of Florentine leather goods! 

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