Inside the luxurious and opulent New York Palace Hotel, you can discover the wonderful taste of Hungarian traditional flavors with a contemporary twist at the Salon Fine Dining Restaurant, one of the most elegant restaurants in beautiful Budapest. This intimate fine dining restaurant is adjacent to the New York Café, “the most beautiful café in the world”, in the hotel’s elegant 19th century building in the heart of Budapest. You will find yourself surrounded by ornate, Italian Renaissance art and architecture with Belle Époque charm and wonder if you slipped back to the mid-1800s when this was THE spot for artists and intellects!

As many of you may know, Hungarian food is known for being rich and heavy, but at Salon Fine Dining Restaurant, Executive Chef András Wolf reinvents traditional dishes opting for a lighter, modern version based on the concept he calls “Essential Hungarian Gastronomy”. This means he preserves the authentic characteristics of the dishes but by playing with their texture, form and technique of preparation and presentation, the result is creative, innovative and delicious works of art. Using locally sourced, fresh ingredients,Chef Wolf creates a magical experience with a selection of traditional Hungarian, Italian and international cuisine.

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