Inside the splendidly lavish, five-star New York Palace hotel in the heart of Budapest, you will find the cozy and intriguing Nyugat Bar. It is the ideal place for a bit of peace from the bustle of the city or if you’re looking for an intimate space for a cocktail. Don’t be distracted by all the attention the New York Café gets. The Nyugat Bar is the perfect hideaway spot with the look and feel of a cigar bar straight out of an espionage film.

There is a lot of history here. The Nyugat Bar is named after a literary periodical from the first half of the 1900s, Nyugat, which means “west” in English. It published an important group of Hungarian writers who hung out at the well-known New York Café to write, work and socialize. The bar is filled with photographs of them. Not only is the Nyugat Bar historical but it also has the charm and seduction of nostalgia of life once upon a time by the great Hungarian writers. If you are looking for a different modern nightlife scene, the Nyugat Bar is the perfect intimate and nostalgic Central European vibe for you… 

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