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We are looking for partners who will give our GC Lifestyle members an unforgettable customer experience whether through shopping, eating, sleeping or playing. If you exude #luxury #design #local and/or have a great story to tell about #heritage #craftsmanship, you are the perfect partner for us! Our members come from all around the world for the journey of a lifetime as well as some local friends. They are tired of the endless travel research of information overload on the internet and need a short list of authentic and unique places to SHOP, EAT, SLEEP and DO. Most importantly, we want our members to have the best local experience and tell their friends and families all about it. Collaborating with us is free and simple, and as a Genius Partner, we will open a new customer channel to reach not only the usual tourists and locals but also the digital millennials who have a different mindset and spending power than the others.

There are two ways to collaborate with us. You can be part of our GC Lifestyle community as a Genius Partner by being selected to be listed on our platform. Your business will be listed with all the details for the customer to find you! You can also decide to be our Genius+ Partner where you will be featured on our platform and across our digital marketing network. To qualify as a Genius+ Partner, you must offer a special benefit to our GC Lifestyle members upon them showing you their Virtual Genius Card (VGC).

What are the benefits?

Enjoy the benefits as a Partner:

  • No cost
  • Access to a worldwide and local customer base by using new innovative and digital channels to reach the masses particularly the new millennial digital natives
  • Direct marketing to targeted groups specifically tourism from China, the 1 trillion yuan opportunity!
  • Digital marketing via international social media (eg Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, etc)
  • Identified as one of the top travel experiences in town!

What do I do as a partner?

Promote GC Lifestyle and the Virtual Genius Card (VCG) in your business, on your website and social media outlets by:

  • Placing our logo visually and introducing GC Lifestyle as a collaborator/partner online as well as physically in your business (eg, stickers, flyers, signs, as requested)
  • Supporting our digital marketing efforts (eg reposting and sharing our posts/stories)
  • Collaborating for special marketing events

Genius+ Partner

Be a Genius+ Partner for special privileges and access to our GC Lifestyle members by:

  • Being officially introduced across all our digital marketing platforms as our official Genius+ Partner offering special benefits to our GC Lifestyle members and having our Genius+ Partner tag on your listing in our platform as an identifier of our lifestyle travel recommendation
  • Being ranked at the top of our list as our Genius Partner preferred choice
  • Placing your images with the best real estate in all our digital marketing channels
  • Specific advertisements pushed by us to targeted top customers

I love it! How do I sign up to be a Genius Partner?

Initiate the Genius Partner Program with the following steps:

  • Apply directly by contacting us at [email protected] with your business website and contact information
  • We will review your application to make sure you are a good fit for our community and company culture
  • Within two weeks, you will receive a notification with an update of your application process

Any questions?

Email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist!